Season 2022/2023

Without Revenge (GB)07 Oct 2022ARCHERS THE STRATA PROFESSIONALS Class 4 Handicap1400m Sunshine Coast
Absolute Charmer07 Oct 2022GRACE LAWYERS Class 1 Handicap1600m Sunshine Coast
Matriarch Rose05 Oct 2022SIRROMET QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap1350m Ipswich
Smytzer28 Sep 2022ACCESS INSULATION SUNSHINE COAST Class 1 Plate1600m Sunshine Coast
Amity Gal25 Sep 2022GO TRANSIT MEDIA GROUP Class 2 Handicap1000m Sunshine Coast
On Hold18 Sep 2022CHOMLEY FAMILY LAW Fillies and Mares Maiden Handicap1000m Sunshine Coast
Deep Tempest (NZ)14 Sep 2022BUSSQ BUILDING SUPER Class 1 Handicap1350m Doomben
Weona Smartone (NZ)10 Sep 2022SPRING CARNIVAL ON SALE NOW OPEN1110m Doomben
Amity Gal07 Sep 2022ASTRAL POOL Class 1 Handicap1000m Eagle Farm
Sir Gunsen27 Aug 2022BUTLER MCDERMOTT LAWYERS VIETNAM VETERANS CUP Class 2 Handicap1900m Kilcoy
Jakkalberry Finn (NZ)21 Aug 2022WATERWORTHS NURSERY Class 2 Handicap1600m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Sneak Preview20 Aug 2022BRC MEMBERSHIP 2022-23 BENCHMARK 80 Handicap1600m Doomben
Aban (NZ)17 Aug 2022TAB VENUE MODE QTIS Three-Year-Old Colts and Geldings Maiden Plate1350m Ipswich
Spicy Sonic14 Aug 2022MCCAIN SURECRISP Maiden Handicap1200m Sunshine Coast
Bargannon06 Aug 2022GRANDDAD JACK'S CRAFT DISTILLERY BENCHMARK 85 Handicap1350m Doomben

Season 2021/2022

Wheels (NZ)29 Jul 2022BUBBLY BRUNCH 28 AUGUST ON SALE BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1666m Ipswich
Celtic Harp25 Jul 2022GET CONNECTED ELECTRICAL & AIR Maiden Handicap1100m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Fast Talking23 Jul 2022COUNTRY MUSIC RACEDAY 10 SEPTEMBER BENCHMARK 90 Handicap2200m Doomben
Jewel Flight (NZ)17 Jul 2022HOOKED ON SEAFOOD BENCHMARK 58 HANDICAP3120m Grafton
Fast Talking02 Jul 2022REED RACING BENCHMARK 80 Handicap1800m Sunshine Coast
Jewel Flight (NZ)30 Jun 2022GREAT NORTHERN Maiden Plate2500m Ipswich
Whitewater25 Jun 2022THE CONSERVATORY AT TATTERSALL'S Class 3 Handicap1600m Eagle Farm
Fast Talking22 Jun 2022SKY RACING BENCHMARK 72 Handicap2070m Doomben
Cudyado22 Jun 2022RACECOURSE VILLAGE QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1200m Doomben
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)04 Jun 2022CHANNEL 7 QUEENSLAND OAKS2200m Eagle Farm
Maybe The Best01 Jun 2022OPERA QLD SOPRANOS BRC EVENT Fillies and Mares Class 3 Handicap1200m Doomben
Gulf Of Venice01 Jun 2022MOUNT FRANKLIN QTIS Three-Years-Old Colts and Geldings Maiden Plate1200m Doomben
Street Dancer30 May 2022XXXX DRY BENCHMARK 80 Handicap2200m Doomben
Joy Too All27 May 2022COAST LIFE HOMES Class 4 Handicap1100m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Cudyado22 May 2022FINCIERGE QTIS Three-Year-Old Colts and Geldings Maiden Plate1000m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Sneak Preview18 May 2022EVENTS AT WWW.IEEC.COM.AU BENCHMARK 78 Handicap1100m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Sacred Stream (NZ)15 May 2022SUNSHINE COAST MOWERS QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap1400m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Street Dancer04 May 2022TAB STRADBROKE CALCUTTA BENCHMARK 78 Handicap2218m Eagle Farm
Fast Talking27 Apr 2022IPSWICH CUP TICKETS ON SALE BENCHMARK 70 Handicap1700m Ipswich
Sacred Oath (NZ)16 Apr 2022PINK FLAMINGO SPIEGELCLUB Maiden Handicap1200m Gold Coast
Whitewater10 Apr 2022SCOTT MCMAHON ELECTRICAL Class 1 Handicap1200m Sunshine Coast
Street Dancer04 Apr 2022XXXX Class 1 Plate2060m Doomben
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)12 Mar 2022PIMM'S PLATE QTIS Three-Year-Old Handicap1600m Eagle Farm
Sanzera (NZ)04 Mar 2022KINGSLEY ST CLAIR MEMORIAL Class 2 Handicap1400m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Maybe The Best06 Feb 2022CLUB KAWANA BENCHMARK 68 Handicap1000m Sunshine Coast
Naughty Harry (NZ)15 Jan 2022BRC MEMBERSHIP PLUS QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap1350m Doomben
Toorooloo12 Jan 2022AQWA CONSTRUCTION BENCHMARK 75 Handicap1110m Doomben
Kerchak (NZ)12 Jan 2022TRAPEZE ARTIST - 1ST YEARLINGS SELLING 2022 Class 1 Handicap1650m Doomben
Amity Gal02 Jan 2022SHED 9 COCKATOO QTIS Three-Year-Old Fillies Maiden Plate1000m Sunshine Coast
Kerchak (NZ)24 Dec 2021TAB VENUE MODE Maiden Handicap1350m Ipswich
Constant Flight18 Dec 2021AMALGAMATED REFURBISHMENT OPEN Handicap1200m Gold Coast
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)18 Dec 2021ASCOT GREEN GRAND PRIX STAKES2100m Eagle Farm
Mccovey Cove18 Dec 2021MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM BRC Colts, Geldings & Entires No Metro Wins Handicap1200m Eagle Farm
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)04 Dec 2021XXXX EAGLE WAY2000m Doomben
Weona Smartone (NZ)04 Dec 2021AQUIS $1.5M RACEDAY 8 JANUARY OPEN Handicap1100m Gold Coast
Sanzera (NZ)04 Dec 2021B TO A LITTLE SHOPFITTING Maiden Handicap1200m Gold Coast
Colleagues (NZ)03 Dec 2021Q ROOFING PTY LTD Maiden Handicap1680m Ipswich
Toorooloo01 Dec 2021LYNDON KEANE MEDIA Class 5 Handicap1000m Sunshine Coast Poly Track
Joy Too All10 Nov 2021RIVER 949FM Class 3 Handicap1100m Ipswich
Cotton Fields07 Nov 2021MAROOCHY SUPPORTERS CLUB Fillies and Mares BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1000m Sunshine Coast
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)07 Nov 2021ANGOVE WINES QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1600m Sunshine Coast
Demurral05 Nov 2021GOLDEN BEACH SS P&C BENCHMARK 62 Handicap1800m Sunshine Coast
Deep Tempest (NZ)05 Nov 2021NAVIGATORS BY PELICAN WATERS & HENZELLS AGENCY Maiden Handicap1400m Sunshine Coast
Rapaport (NZ)27 Oct 2021ITC MENTAL HEALTH MONTH Class 2 Handicap2150m Ipswich
Wheels (NZ)27 Oct 2021IPSWICH JETS Class 1 Handicap1666m Ipswich
Tolkowsky23 Oct 2021BUTCH AND COOKIE UNITED BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1200m Gold Coast
Gypsy Goddess (NZ)17 Oct 2021CLARKE BLOODSTOCK Maiden Plate1400m Sunshine Coast
Smart Star Prince02 Oct 2021HERITAGE BROTHERS PREPAID FUNERALS Class 1 Handicap1400m Gold Coast
Sundus02 Oct 2021HERITAGE BROTHERS TWEED HEADS Maiden Plate1300m Gold Coast
Weona Smartone (NZ)18 Sep 2021BIRKBECKS JEWELLERS Class 6 Handicap1200m Gold Coast
Keefy15 Sep 2021FOLLOW @IPSWICHTURFCLUB QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 65 Handicap1666m Ipswich
Smart Star Prince12 Sep 2021IDSS Maiden Handicap1300m Sunshine Coast
Sea Ripple29 Aug 2021WEALTHMED QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap1300m Sunshine Coast
Weona Smartone (NZ)28 Aug 2021IPCQ GOLDEN JUBILEE Colts, Geldings & Entires Class 6 Handicap (QTIS BONUSES FOR 4YO'S ONLY)1200m Doomben
Desert Lord27 Aug 2021MARTIN COLLINS GOLDMARKET1200m Gold Coast
Rapaport (NZ)27 Aug 2021JADEN LLOYD 20/21 PREMIER APPRENTICE Class 1 Handicap1800m Gold Coast
Whitewater27 Aug 2021GCTC HALL OF FAME - THE HEINRICH FAMILY Maiden Plate1200m Gold Coast
Night Express19 Aug 2021CAPRICORN SURVEY GROUP PTY LTD RATINGS BAND 0 - 65 Handicap1300m Rockhampton
Blackboots19 Aug 2021VEUVE CLICQUOT GARDEN PARTY Class 1 Handicap1500m Rockhampton
Dissolution14 Aug 2021COUNTRY MUSIC WEEKEND 10-11 SEPTEMBER OPEN Handicap1600m Eagle Farm
Heirborn (NZ)11 Aug 2021CASCADE BENCHMARK 70 Handicap2030m Doomben